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Mirayyh Who?

300+ commands, Weeby, Memes, image generators, Pats and Cuddles, chatbot system, game stats and info lookup, gif search, amiibo search, anime search, Fortnite item and ID search, Fake accounts generators, worry-free model photos generated by AI, Randomizers and moderation. Our animals are cute, she is Simple to use and our bot is the best!

My Features

Awesome Image and Memes Generators

Fortnite Commands

Fortnite Item SHOP

Game items Randomizers

General Randomizers

Fake accounts generators

lots of NSFW and Anime Commands

24/7 and free commands

Lots of Interaction and Fun Commands with Active Development

For better experience, here is her invite with all the permissions she needs Click Me

Advanced Statistics


How do I get started?

Type "x!help", she will start guiding you from there!

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