Posted 2/11/19 Weebified Version Of Mirayyh

New Features

  • New NSFW command: pussy
  • New NSFW command: nsfwavatar
  • New NSFW command: boobs
  • New NSFW Command: feet
  • New NSFW Command: kuni
  • New NSFW Command: futa
  • New NSFW Command: bj
  • New Anime command: smug
  • New Anime Command: tickle
  • New Anime command: baka
  • New Core command: shards
  • New Core command: modules
  • New nsfw command: erok
  • new nsfw command: erofeet
  • new anime command:feed
  • new anime command:kemonomimi
  • new anime command: punch
  • new nsfw command: thighs
  • new nsfw command: hthighs
  • new anime command: kill
  • new anime command: blush
  • new nsfw command: ranal
  • new nsfw command: rpussy
  • new nsfw command: butt
  • new nsfw command: rboobs
  • new fun command: howgay
  • new anime command: pout


Posted: 24/11/19 Animal commands version
And old commands re-added

New Features

new animals command: bunny new animals command: koala new animals command: pikachu new animals command: redpanda new animals command: bird new animals command: duck new animals command: birdfact new animals command: pandafact new animals command: dogfact new animals command: dog new NSFW command: fuck new fun command:8ball added new OWNER command: EVAL new fun command: penis new fun command: say new fun command: chat new utility command: decode new utility command: encode new utility command: encrypt new utility command: decrypt new utility command: pokedex new utility command: morse new utility command: morse-dec new anime command: dance new anime command: lick new animals command: foxfact new animals command: birdfact new utility command: mc new animals command: lizard

4.9.5 [𝐋𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐭]

Posted: 1/12/19 added over 200+ commands.
Fortnite and Other Games integrated

New Features

new animal crossing command: villager new module: animal crossing new utility command: emotes new anime command: highfive new anime command: teehee new anime command: smile new anime command: thumbs new anime command: think new anime command: laugh new anime command: bite new anime command: deredere new anime command: cry new anime command: sleepy new utility command: roblox new fortnite command: fnupdatereport new utility command: lyrics new nsfw command: thighsbomb new fun command: randompokemon new module: Generators new nsfw command: 4kbomb new utility command: password new fun command: accounts new text command: tableflip new text command: embed new fortnite command: prevaes new animal command: shibe new text command: tableunflip new fun command: yesno new fun command: yomomma new text command: superflip new fun command: randomnumber new fortnite command: aes new text command: reverse new images command: qr New utility command: OSU new fun command: triggered new anime command: bored new anime command: nom new anime command: insult new anime command: stare new anime command: bully new anime command: wave new anime command: wag new anime command: cookie new fun command: thonk new module: GAMES new games command: taiko new games command: mania new module: IMAGES new images command: atriggered new images command: invert new fun command: teamtrees new text command: ascii new nsfw command: urban new fortnite command: id new fortnite command: leaks new images command: wasted new images command: greyscale new images command: rainbow new images command: blur new images command: blurple new images command: glass new images command: pixelate new images command: sepia new anime command: animequote new anime command: facepalm new NSFW command: spank new NSFW command: gasm new NSFW command: 4k new anime command: owo new text command: greentext new text command: claps new fun command: iq new text command: spoiler new text command: catx new text command: vaporwave new text command: lenny new module: text new animals command: snake new image command: minecraft new image command: trash new image command: awoo new image command: magik new image command: threats new image command: deepfry new image command: coffee new image command: foody new image command: kanna new image command: selfie new image command: changemymind new image command: baguette new image command: clyde new image command: captcha new image command: phcomment new fun command: hack new utility command: userid new utility command: serverid new anime command: nya new anime command: rem new utility command: discrim new fun command: profilerate new moderation command: mute new moderation command: unmute new fun command: roast new text command: shrug new moderation command: warn new utility command: membercount new utiltity command: emoji new moderation command: clear new fun command: eeveelutions new fun command: eevee new fun command: garfield new utility command: amiibo new module: fortnite new fortnite command: creatorcode new fortnite command: fortstats new fortnite command: netcl new games command: fortnite new fortnite command: backpack new fortnite command: skin new fortnite command: emote new fortnite command: pickaxe new fortnite command: eid new fortnite command: pickaxeid new fortnite command: bid new fortnite command: cid new utility command: game new utility command: anime new fortnite command: banner new fortnite command: spray new fortnite command: sprayid new fortnite command: gliderid new fortnite command: glider new fortnite command: wrap new fortnite command: wrapid new module added: splatoon new module added: Mario Kart new mario kart command: perso New mario kart command: delta New mario kart command: course New mario kart command: moto New mario kart command: kart New mario kart command: wheels new splatoon command: sp2code new splatoon command: weapon new splatoon command: stage new splatoon command: mode new splatoon command: shoe new splatoon command: skill new splatoon command: chlotes new splatoon command: head new splatoon command: sub new splatoon command: brand new fortnite command: playlists new fun command: fortnitegen new fun command: nitrogen new fun command: steamgen new fun command: vbucksgen new fun command: netflixgen new fun command: minecraftgen new fortnite command: battlelab new fortnite command: fnpatch new fun command: spotifygen new anime command: bang new animals command: vanilla new fun command: randomuser new nsfw command: copypasta new text command: lmgtfy new fortnite command: paks new fun command: gif new fortnite command: drop new fortnite command: news new moderation command: ban new moderation command: unlock new moderation command: lock new utility command: roles new fun command: coinflip new fun command: kermit new anime command: neptunia new anime command: senko new anime command: zerotwo new fun command: uselessweb new fun command: rankthot new fun command: dankrate new fun command: face new fun command: ronald new images command: abandon new fortnite command: fnstatus new fortnite command: fnlocs new fortnite command: fnvariant new games command: catch


  • Tweaked chat design