Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is Mirayyh A Good Bot?
Yes it is! but, always remember this: opinions varies. i'd say Mirayyh is good, but others might say its bad. so, it's up to you to decide!
Question: What can Mirayyh do? She can do a lot of things now, and you can see what she can do by using her help command, which is x!help.
Question: How can i contact the developers? if you want, you can contact @XxMirayxX21#3561 on discord. Or, in our Support Server
Question: How can i ask a question in the support server? if you want to ask something in the support server, just look for #questions channel.
Question: What's Mirayyh's Prefix And Help Command? Mirayyh's prefix is x! (not customizable)and help command is x!help
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