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Welcome to the Official Mirayyh documentation page! Lets get started with explaining the commands that you can use with Mirayyh. Please click "Commands".

If you made it here, that means you're interested in Using Mirayyh. So first off, thank you for inviting Mirayyh or taking the time to read about how to use Mirayyh. To start, select the Page you are most interested about or need help with the most. Here's a couple of the most viewed pages:

๐Ÿš€ Introduction

Mirayyh can decrypt or encrypt messages in many cryptic methods, get user-games infos (like minecraft and osu), anime commands like pats and cuddles, get pokรจmon infos from the original pokedex, send cute animals pictures, remove and add roles, chatbot system, search song lyrics and generate a random strong passwords to secure accounts. It's also easy to use and understand. Mirayyh has over 100 commands ready to be used. If you search a bot like this then Mirayyh is for you. TRY MIRAYYH OUT NOW. 100% FREE COMMANDS | 100% UPTIME

Where do I start?

The best way to get started is to try Mirayyh out for yourself! Head over to our Getting Started documentation for a comprehensive walkthrough starting from the commands, to the FAQ. You'll start by getting an instance of Mirayyh by inviting her. Head over to the links.โ€‹โค

Getting Help

Having an issue with Mirayyh that you don't feel you can solve from the documentation? There are a number of avenues for you: